writer’s block

I was on a roll up until about two weeks ago: writing over a thousand words a day for a few months. I logged over 50000 words and hit my story’s mid-point. And then I had to go on an out of town work trip for a few days and didn’t write a lick. I had a few drinks after my classes, turned on the television in the hotel room, and watched my focus and discipline disappear. Now my POV characters point of view’s fuzzy, I’m having trouble retracing my steps in the story world, and my motivation has fizzled to ashes. What’s the point of this blog you ask? I suppose it is: keep writing on the daily, because if you fall off for a few days you might have one hell of a time picking up where you left off. And when you’re halfway through a novel and heading towards the home stretch, losing your drive is a real bummer. Keep writing and stay positive.